Advocacy Alert: November 2023 Legislative News Round Up

December 7, 2023

For those of you who follow us on social media know, we post news stories on a daily basis that are connected to the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry.

Many of these are news stories regarding legislation, so once a month we send out a 'news roundup' of related news stories we've posted. Unless otherwise stated, BHAP has no official stance on any of these stories: the intention is to share so that we're all better informed as to what's happening in the legislative world.

A reminder that NBHAP members get access to a monthly update with our advocate in Washington, DC, to find out what is going on and ask any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us for more information on that.

Biden administration calls for all schools to stock naloxone for opioid overdoses
Shared 11/1/2023
The Biden administration on Monday called for all U.S. schools to stock naloxone and to train students and faculty to be able to administer the medication in the event of an opioid overdose on their grounds.

New Bill Aims to Cut Down on Behavioral Health ‘Ghost Networks’
Shared 11/2/2023
Almost half of Medicare Advantage online provider directories have at least one inaccuracy – with issues often related to behavioral health services.

States are getting $50 billion in opioid cash. And it's an issue in governor's races
Shared 11/3/2023
Gubernatorial candidates in several states are clashing over who gets bragging rights for the funds — which total more than $50 billion and are being distributed to state and local governments over nearly two decades.

FL | Florida health care budget to include behavioral health priorities
Shared 11/6/2023
Substance abuse, anxiety, depression, suicide are through the roof.

OK | Mental health services making progress as criticism mounts, advocates say
Shared 11/7/2023
Oklahomans’ — and Tulsans’ — access to and utilization of mental health services have improved substantially in recent years, complaints to the contrary notwithstanding, several leaders in the field say.

Federal Monies Proposed To Address Opioid Crisis And Child Care Costs
Shared 11/9/2023
The Biden-Harris administration is asking Congress for domestic supplemental funding to assist with the opioid crisis and child care costs.

NJ | Bill seeks to expand access to mental health care
Shared 11/28/2023
Assembly panel OKs measure authorizing NJ joining multistate licensing agreement for counselors.

UT | Social media, crisis centers and ... zoning? Gov. Cox is looking for solutions to mental health crisis
Shared 11/28/2023
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox spoke about mental health during the biannual conference of the Western Governors’ Association.

IN | Indiana Supreme Court takes on behavioral health crisis, uptick in caseload
Shared 11/29/2023
The criminal justice system is the primary referrer to substance use disorder treatment and largest provider of mental health care — but the judiciary is doing its part to change that, Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush said Thursday.

The White House is urging schools to address a rise in fentanyl exposure among teens
Shared 11/30/2023
Narcan, also known by its generic name naloxone, is a life saving medication that reverses opioid overdoses. But in two-thirds of adolescent overdose deaths the medication wasn’t used even though there was someone nearby.

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