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Webinar FAQs

Thank you for registering / purchasing a webinar. Here are some of the more common issues you may experience. Please click the '+' at the right to expand the section you want more of.

Pre-Webinar Registration
We use a service called Demio for our live webinars. Demio has its own FAQ for attending an event here, which may have more information.

When you register, you will receive a registration reminder from the email, as well as reminders 24 hours, 1 hour, and 15 minutes prior to the webinar beginning. This email will have the link for you to join. This link is individual to you.

You do not need to let us know if you are cancelling, unless you were charged for the event.

Use the link provided to you by Demio to join. When the event starts, you will be prompted to join the room.

Browser Compatibility
Demio supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge -- so please make sure you have one of those browsers. It tends to work best in Chrome, so if you are having issues connecting, you may want to try a different browser.
Mobile/Tablet Users
If you are using a mobile or tablet, a reminder that you are using your wifi or mobile internet connection. You will also potentially have issues seeing the text on the slides due to the size of your screen. As such, we encourage you to use a desktop or laptop when attending.
Desktop / Laptop Users
If you are using a desktop or laptop, once you are in the room, you have a chance to run a Connectivity test. This is available through the settings, which is the gear icon in the upper right. If you’re unsure of your connection, I recommend running this. You can also run it separately here.
During the Webinar: Experiencing Sound/Technical Issues
f you are experiencing sound or technical issues during the webinar, you can request help via the chat. However, most of the times it is something on your end, and as such we can’t do much.

Demio has its own FAQ for attending an event here, which may have more information.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection, as that’s the biggest reason you may be having problems. A reminder that if you are on wifi or a hotspot, your connection will be undependable. NBHAP is not responsible for connection problems.

If you notice your connection getting sluggish, the best way to refresh to a strong connection is to refresh your browser screen. On Chrome, this is through Control-F5. The other browsers may be different. This will temporarily kick you out of the room.

During the Webinar: Chat / Questions
You will not be on camera or audio during the event. However, we highly encourage interaction in the chat with comments and questions, and will moderate questions as needed. We answer the questions when the presenter(s) have a moment or near the end of the webinar.

If you are on a laptop or desktop, the chat will be on the right of the screen. (If you don’t see the chat area, click the word “chat” to open up the area.) If you are attending via a tablet or phone, you may need to swipe right to see it.

We do have the ability to ‘bring people to the stage’ if you are on desktop. If you are invited, you will see a prompt that you’ve been ‘invited to go on stage’. This gives you a chance to turn on your camera and microphone, as well as run a connectivity test. (Your browser may need to be given permission to access your microphone and web cam as well. This is dependent on browser.) If you are uninterested in going on stage, you also have the ability to decline.

During the Webinar: Polls, Handouts, and Pop-Ups
You'll notice in the chat area a 'Polls' tab and a 'Handout' tab (they may not appear right away). The chat will automatically switch over to that area when we have handouts and polls for you to access. You can get back to the chat room by clicking the word Chat. While we try to provide PDFs of the slides, it is at the discretion of the presenter and is sometimes not allowed due to it being proprietary information.

As we respond to questions during the event, they will pop up on your screen (at the top for those on desktops/laptops, and at the bottom for those on mobile devices or tablets). You can ‘x’ out of them. You may also see occasional suggested links pop up. You can close out of these by clicking the word ‘Close’.

Near the end of the webinar, we will put up a link to an evaluation form. This is not required, and separate from any CE quiz that may be connected to the webinar. However, if you fill the evaluation form within seven days of attending the webinar, you will receive a coupon worth 10% off any of our webinars for sale.

Post-Live Webinar
You will be sent an email in a few business days of the event thanking you for attending. It will come from an email with an or domain and may wind up in your spam folder, so please consider whitelisting the domain and checking your spam folder before reaching out to NBHAP.

This email will include a link to the recording of the webinar, downloads of any handouts (if applicable), and instructions for how to access the CE quiz if the webinar is eligible for them.

CE information
You need a login to the NBHAP website in order to access the CE quiz and any additional information. This login is free of charge, and the email must match the one we have on file. This is so our computer can match you up with your attendance record.

If you have more questions about our CE process, check our Frequently Asked Questions regarding NBHAP CEs. This is different from the webinar evaluation link we provide during the actual event: that is only to get feedback for our presenter and for future webinars.

Login / Password / Webinar Access Information
If you can't remember your password, you can click the 'Lost your password?' link under the login button (both on the sidebar and in the footer of the website) to get a password reminder.

Once you log in, your account page will have a link to all NBHAP webinars you have access to (either ones you've purchased or have registered for in the past).

My question is not listed
If you have any questions or concerns not covered above, please contact us. Be sure to check out our other educational events.


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