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Need to know a basic summary of some of the federal and state legal statutes surrounding behavioral health? Whether it's the Americans with Disabilities Act, HIPAA, regulations for sober living, or more, NBHAP has you covered. Our Legal Repository (only for BHAP and CCAPP members) gets you the basics on these statutes.

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Treatment and Rehabilitative Services for Veterans with Drug or Alcohol Dependency

  • Subject Matter: Substance use disorder treatment as a veterans' benefit
  • Jurisdiction: Federal
  • Citations: 38 U.S. Code § 1720A
  • Summary:Federal law that requires certain access to treatment and rehabilitative services, including the provision of substance use disorder treatment at Veteran's medical facilities, including opioid substitution therapy when a qualified medical professional has determined such treatment methods to be appropriate.

Wyoming Laws Related to Chemical Dependency Specialists

  • Subject Matter: Substance use disorder counselors
  • Jurisdiction: Wyoming
  • Citations: Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 33-38-102 et seq.
  • Summary: Wyoming laws relating to the licensure of chemical dependency specialists and addictions therapists, among other types of professional counselors by the Mental Health Professions Licensing Board.

Wyoming Rules Related to Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs

  • Subject Matter: Substance use disorder treatment programs
  • Jurisdiction: Wyoming
  • Citations: Wyo. Admin. Rules: Rules and Regulations for Substance Abuse Treatment Standards, Chapters 1-8
  • Summary: Wyoming rules from the Department of Health, Substance Use Disorder Services and Community Mental Health Center Provider, providing substance abuse treatment standards for the certification of providers and facilities providing substance use disorder services to court-ordered clients or that receive state funding.
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Wisconsin Laws Related to Substance Abuse Counselors

  • Subject Matter: Substance use disorder counselors
  • Jurisdiction: Wisconsin
  • Citations: Wis. Stat. Ann. § 440.88 et seq.
  • Summary: Wisconsin laws governing the licensure of substance abuse counselors, clinical supervisors, and prevention specialists.

Washington Laws Related to Confidentiality of Health Care Information

  • Subject Matter: Confidentiality requirements
  • Jurisdiction: Washington
  • Citations: Wash. Rev. Code Ann. § 70.02.230 et seq.
  • Summary: Washington laws governing confidential treatment of health care records, authorized disclosures without patient consent, security safeguards, retention obligations, and civil remedies.

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