COVID-19 Resources for Behavioral Health

March 30, 2020


We are in unprecedented times at the moment, as COVID-19 affects every individual in a number of ways. The behavioral health industry is especially hit, with social distancing regulations and event closings hurting on-site services, affecting the economy, and increasing everyone's stress levels.

We here at the Behavioral Health Association of Providers want to be here for you and your organization during this emergency. We are based in California, which is currently under a statewide 'shelter in place' order. However, we are able to work remotely and so will be able to help with your questions and concerns about supporting your clients. We also want to keep you updated as to resources specific to this pandemic.

Lists of Resources/Guidance

We're obviously not the only organization doing this. So here's a basic list of other organizations and their links.

Here are some links to specific resources not listed above.

News Stories

We're also posting several news stories regarding COVID-19 and behavioral health in our industry news section (and on our social media). These news stories are not only specific to those in the behavioral health industry, but also general stories about behavioral health.

Webinars of Interest

Several organizations (including us) are presenting webinars relating to COVID-19 and the behavioral health industry. We're going to try and compile a list of ones that are available for free here.

BHAP Membership

BHAP is committed to helping those in the behavioral health industry during this pandemic. A membership in BHAP gives you something everyone finds valuable: time. Working in the behavioral health industry or managing an organization in the industry can be incredibly complex and filled with ever-changing information for compliance. BHAP gives you resources to stay on top of the rules and regulations for your organization to stay compliant.

In fact, we are offering to BHAP members only a form for informed consent for telehealth for behavioral health services. You MUST be logged into the BHAP website in order to access the form. Access form here.

Learn more about our membership benefits and join today.


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