Webinar: Children of Parental Addiction: Hidden Burdens and Resiliencies

a dark photo of an adult with a drink in their hand, and in the background looking through a dark door is a child. Text reads 'Children of Parental Addiction: Hidden Burdens and Resiliencies'

Children whose parents have substance use disorder live with trauma and serious chronic unmanaged stress with limited access to any help. Their family environments are chaotic and can include all forms of abuse including profound neglect.

A growing body of research has made it increasingly apparent that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are a critical public health issue. When overwhelmed by a threat and without the ability to defend oneself successfully, a child becomes stuck in survival mode. Childhood trauma and chronic stress of parental addiction can cause lifelong effects. The effects of these traumas can be passed down intergenerationally, with parents often carrying the same burdens.

Details regarding resiliency is explored. Two activities will be introduced which are used in Education Support groups, and resources are provided that can assist in the development of these groups in many settings.


Wendy Wade


Dr. Wendy Wade

Dr. Wendy Wade PhD, LPCC and CADC 1 facilitated educational support groups with children of parents with substance use disorder in the 1980s and again in the 2000s at Betty Ford Center.

She was an elementary educator and principal. She volunteered at Santa Cruz County Children’s Mental Health providing therapeutic support to children in special education, their families, and school staff. She was counselor/case manager and coordinator of family program services at Beacon House addiction facility. She volunteered bi-monthly for 4 years at Camp Mariposa for COAs. She is Assistant Professor at Palo Alto University and began teaching there in 2014.

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Webinar: Children of Parental Addiction: Hidden Burdens and Resiliencies
Children of parental addiction live with trauma and chronic stress. Families can be chaotic, often with abuse and/or profound neglect. Children internalize the stigma of parental addiction and believe the fallacies that the addiction is their fault and they are the only ones living like this. In this webinar, Wendy Wade will show how to understand needs and nurture relationships.
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