Webinar: Understanding Chemsex Addiction

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This webinar will offer a deep understanding how a wounded autonomic nervous system and unresolved trauma can impact gay men suffering from chemsex addiction. We will examine causes and conditions of compulsive sexual behaviors that often lead to chemical dependence.

This webinar will discuss and dissect the neurology of trauma and its relationship to chemsex addiction, sex-app usage, and methamphetamine use. This workshop is intended to offer insight into the various arousal related responses that are often fueled by the "nervous" nervous system and masquerade as compulsive desire.

We will begin to outline the roles and rituals of chemsex addiction, relapse/recovery/rebuild cycles, and offer practical, applicable tools for treatment both inpatient and out.

In this CE-based webinar, our presenter will:

  • Explore how the impact of a wounded autonomic nervous system and unprocessed trauma contribute to chronic relapse and prolong the chem-sex cycle of addiction. Describe various arousal states of the sympathetic nervous system and their chemical relationship to sexual arousal and drug abuse.
  • Examine key contributing factors of unresolved traumatic material and cycles of sexually compulsive behaviors. Identify and understand the intersecting point of trauma and sexual compulsion.
  • Discuss the impact of horizontal oppression, toxic shame, marginalization, and internalized homophobia as they relate to self-identification and the recovery process within the LGBT community.
  • Utilizing practical, applicable treatment approaches that foster curiosity while promoting self-expression and self-development without re shaming those with chem-sex addiction.


Mell McCracken

Mell McCracken

Mell McCracken is a trauma informed substance abuse counselor and Associate Sex Addiction therapist currently working at Breathe Life Healing Center as a Chemsex Program Manager.

They are a seasoned chemsex counselor that utilizes an experiential based, sex positive, gay affirmative approach to recovery from addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors. Mell is also a faculty member with the International Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and a Rainbow Advocate Educator.

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Webinar: Understanding Chemsex Addiction
What is chemsex? How is it treated? And how can we as a community help in addressing problematic substance abuse issues that are sexually driven? Find out in this webinar.
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