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Individual members are, as indicated, individuals working in or around the behavioral health industry. This can be those specifically in addiction treatment or behavioral health like counselors and psychologists, but can also be those that are connected to the industry such as marketing individuals and those in human resources. (Note: there is a separate "Attorney" level for those in the legal profession that gets different benefits.) Join at this level if you're interested in getting individual support for things such as licensing, education, and more.

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For only $100 a year, Individual members in NBHAP get the following benefits:

  • free subscription to Counselor, the official magazine of NBHAP
  • 15% off webinars for sale, and 50% off if they are CE-based (free if you attend live)
  • 25% off our publications
  • access to our Legal Repository and list of state FAQs

And more!

Membership: Individual
An individual working in or around the behavioral health field.
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A national membership association that provides education and advocacy for those in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries.

We are the leading and unifying voice of addiction-focused treatment programs.

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