Webinar: Leadership: Is Now a Good Time?

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  • Date Recorded: April 10, 2024
  • Length: about 1 hour
  • Presenter: Jen Carvalho
  • CE: eligible for 1 CE
  • Price: $50.00 (Members get webinar for free)
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During the pandemic, we recognized burnout in our support staff. The stress of working in a healthcare environment while families were isolated was difficult. But what about executive burnout?

Let's talk about how to do great work while allowing for a more humane workflow. We'll engage in some simple solutions to create space in a workday and room in our brains. It's not only the executive that suffers a lack of time and attention -- it is the overworked staff that is trying to keep pace. The habits of the leader become the culture of the organization. If the CEO is a workaholic, you'll see a lot of folks trying to outpace each other in work habits. In this weary workforce environment, we owe it to our teams to be the best we can be. Not by putting in more hours, but by using the hours we have more wisely.

Our time will be focused on ways to take control of our time, our energy and our priorities for the benefit of everyone. During this CE-based webinar, we'll go over the we'll go over the process of RESETTing.

  • Rest
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • End
  • Tech
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Jen Carvalho

Mell McCracken

Jen Carvalho is a proven leader in the behavioral health industry -- adeptly leading in times of crisis and calm. As a facility and system CEO for much of her career, she has developed a leadership style that supports professional and system development, transparency and global thinking. To that end, Jen has served on the boards of CCAPP, NBHAP, and NAATP.

Currently the President/COO of Your Behavioral Health, Jen is focused on providing dynamic leadership to multi-disciplinary teams with converging goals. Despite a significant focus on the work of providing access to care, Jen is grounded by her family and a long practice of adventure running.

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Webinar: Leadership: Is Now a Good Time?
Multitasking used to be a good thing. It meant that we were adept at juggling multiple priorities and landing each one successfully. How do we prioritize that which moves us forward – with our team, in our professional development and in our lives? Join us for a webinar on executive burnout and clever ways to defeat it.
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