Webinar: Building an Outbound Referral Department: How to Better Serve Patients & Your Business

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  • Date Recorded: October 4, 2022
  • Length: about an hour
  • Presenters: Jordan Young
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Building an outbound referral department is more important than a lot of organizations realize.

When done correctly, they will help admissions teams easily and quickly identify treatment options that best fit the needs of patients.

Finally, they will provide transparent data, creating and nurturing business development relationships that will drive admissions into your center.

This webinar covers the following:

  • reasons to invest in building an outbound referral department
  • the goals of a referral department
  • what makes up a referral department
  • how to build an outbound referral department
  • when & how to make a referral
  • following up and why it’s important
  • how to engage with other departments

Learn not only why it's important, but how to build an outbound referral department that will support both your patient and organizational needs.


Jordan Young

Jordan Young

Jordan Young is the CEO of Jordan and Associates Consulting, LLC, an associate member of BHAP.

Jordan's personal recovery and desire to help others nudged him into his career in behavioral healthcare. Since 2010, he's worked in positions where he helped over 4,000 patients find treatment that met their clinical, demographic, and financial needs; designed and oversaw a national conference series where he formed relationships with hundreds of behavioral healthcare companies, and thousands of industry individuals; and provided recruiting and consulting services for start-up or established treatment centers, and organizations servicing the treatment industry. His core values are shaped by his relationship with God, his family and recovery.


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Webinar: Building an Outbound Referral Department: How to Better Serve Patients & Your Business - C-ATM access
Learn the importance of building an outbound referral department. In this webinar, you’ll discover how to build one that will support both patient and organizational needs.
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