Webinar: SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp — 10 Things You Need to Know to Succeed in Behavioral Health

SUD Treatment Boot Camp - 10 Things You Need to Know to Succeed in Behavioral Health
  • Date Recorded: October 21, 2018
  • Presenter: Harry Nelson
  • Length: a little under 27 minutes
  • Contact: info@bhap.us | 888-958-2282
  • Price: free
  • Questions/Concerns: info@bhap.us | 888-958-2282

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With tremendous changes in the behavioral health industry, there will continue to be opportunities to provide desperately needed treatment services to those suffering from substance use disorders, but the business models are changing rapidly. The traditional treatment models are finding it more difficult to survive as insurance payors and government payors repeatedly modify their reimbursement programs. Attracting patients has become more difficult as increased regulations have been imposed on marketing and compensation practices.

The professionals and attorneys at BHAP and Nelson Hardiman have carefully designed the curriculum of this Boot Camp to address these growing concerns in this webinar series.

The behavioral health industry is undergoing meaningful changes and is encountering significant pressures from the public, government and payors. With change comes opportunity for those who can envision how their organizations can complement the demands of the burgeoning industry. This webinar presents an overview of behavioral healthcare opportunities as well as a list of the top 10 things that substance use treatment providers must know in order to succeed.

Brief Outline

  • Quality of care
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Differentiation
  • Business model
  • Patient/Coverage mix
  • Provider-Payor tensions
  • Triple Aim
  • Adaptation
  • Multiple focus
  • Exit planning


Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson is the founder and managing partner of Nelson Hardiman, LLC, as well as the chairman of Behavioral Health Association of Providers.

Beyond his legal expertise, Harry is known nationally as a consummate leader at the intersection of healthcare law and business, as evidenced by his role in co-founding five healthcare-related start-ups in the last decade. Deeply immersed in healthcare transformation and innovation; he frequently speaks on cutting edge issues and the future of the industry itself.


Webinar: SUD Treatment Provider Boot Camp — 10 Things You Need to Know to Succeed in Behavioral Health

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