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Payor Relations Advocacy and Access Coalition (PRACC)

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Our Payor Relations Advocacy and Access Coalition (PRACC) undertakes the task of representing behavioral health at the payer level and providing behavioral health and addiction centers with the tools and background to understand and survive in this dynamic market. We proactively and responsively facilitate appropriate private-payer advocacy for behavioral health care. We establish talking points and represent NBHAP in an exchange of information with those involved in making decisions about public and private payer activities affecting addiction and brain health-related health care at the state and federal level levels.


The Payor Relations Advocacy and Access Coalition (PRACC) is one of our newest committees. We seeks to develop a database for our region on payer activities and create a "tool kit" for our members to use when dealing with payers. The lifeblood of our business is dictated by these payers; creating a better understanding of behavioral health and addiction care for them and helping members disseminate that message is key to growing our centers.

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There are multiple ways you can help others to change their lives.

  • To monitor payment issues.
  • Establish relationships with third party payers.
  • Provide tools for behavioral health as a background of knowledge to survive in this market.

BHAP Committee Members

  • Committee Chair: Joel Edwards (CCAPP Repersentive)
  • Member: Shirley Poordawood (CCAPP Repersentive)

Stakeholder Team

  • Stakeholder Chair: Jennifer Carvalho
  • Harry Nelson
  • Zachary Rothenberg
  • John Mills
  • Luisa E. Ruiz Davis
  • Eric Gremminger
  • Erin Burke


A national membership association that provides education and advocacy for those in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries.

We are the leading and unifying voice of addiction-focused treatment programs.

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